Rebuilding Credit Products

As you know, rebuilding your credit is very important to the credit restoration process. Adding new credit trade lines can help increase your credit scores by giving you more available credit. We have teamed up with the companies below that specialize in helping customers with challenging credit. These companies provide rebuilding credit products that you can use to increase your credit score. I have listed their products, a short description and links below.

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  •  Easy to get secured credit card.

  •  Reports to all 3 bureaus.

  •  Sign up in as little as 2 minutes.

  •  No credit score approval.

  •  Amazing customer support.

  •  Reports on credit report within 2 weeks. 

Creditbuildercard info.jpg
  • Build credit – installment loan and payment history reported to all three major credit bureaus.

  • Build savings while you build credit – build up to $1,000 in savings in as little as 12 months.

  • Low monthly payments – build credit for less than the cost of TV streaming.

  • No upfront security deposit required – start for as little as $8.95.

  • No commitment – cancel at any time for any reason with no prepayment penalty and no early withdrawal fee.

  • No credit check – it will not hurt your credit to apply (no hard or soft credit inquiry).

  • No credit score required – bad credit or no credit? No problem.

  • They report your rent payments to Equifax and Transunion.

  • A new tradeline appears on your credit report.

  • Look for your score to change within 10 days.

  • Average score change of 40 points.