How does credit repair work?

Credit repair is the process of improving your credit.

This is accomplished by:

1) disputing negative listings on your credit reports and

2) building positive credit history


The credit repair process can be complex and different for everyone, but the basics can include:

Sending Dispute Letters

We will send dispute letters to the credit bureaus, collectors and/or original creditors, on your behalf when needed.

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Debt Validation

We will send debt validation letters for collections within 30 days of the initial collection notice

debt collection.png
Negotiate Pay for Delete

We will use the pay for delete method to settle old debts that cannot be resolved via credit dispute or debt validation

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Paying Down Credit Cards

We will look at your overall credit utilization, but we recommend paying down your credit card balances below %10 if possible.

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Building Positive Credit

We have partnered with multiple companies that will approve you, such as credit card and loan companies to help build positive credit history. (Also known as positive tradelines)


(See our FAQS page for more info)